Some people believe that there are three cycles in a person’s life that start the day he or she is born. These three cycles are the physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles, and they have periods of lengths 23, 28, and 33 days, respectively. There is one peak in each period of a cycle. At the peak of a cycle, a person performs at his or her best in the corresponding field (physical, emotional or mental). For example, if it is the mental curve, thought processes will be sharper and concentration will be easier.

「POJ-2115」C Looooops-扩展欧几里德

A Compiler Mystery: We are given a C-language style for loop of type
for (variable = A; variable != B; variable += C)


I.e., a loop which starts by setting variable to value A and while variable is not equal to B, repeats statement followed by increasing the variable by C. We want to know how many times does the statement get executed for particular values of A, B and C, assuming that all arithmetics is calculated in a k-bit unsigned integer type (with values 0 <= x < 2 k) modulo 2 k.

「CF-527A」Playing with Paper-模拟

One day Vasya was sitting on a not so interesting Maths lesson and making an origami from a rectangular a mm  ×  b mm sheet of paper (a > b). Usually the first step in making an origami is making a square piece of paper from the rectangular sheet by folding the sheet along the bisector of the right angle, and cutting the excess part.

「POJ-3090」Visible Lattice Points-欧拉函数

A lattice point (x, y) in the first quadrant (x and y are integers greater than or equal to 0), other than the origin, is visible from the origin if the line from (0, 0) to (x, y) does not pass through any other lattice point. For example, the point (4, 2) is not visible since the line from the origin passes through (2, 1). The figure below shows the points (x, y) with 0 \leq x, y \leq 5 with lines from the origin to the visible points.

「POJ-3421」X-factor Chains-质因数分解

Given a positive integer X, an X-factor chain of length m is a sequence of integers,

$1 = X_0, X_1, X_2, \cdots , X_m = X$


$X_i < X_i+1$ and $X_i | X_i+1$ where a | b means a perfectly divides into b.

Now we are interested in the maximum length of X-factor chains and the number of chains of such length.

「POJ-2689」Prime Distance-线筛

The branch of mathematics called number theory is about properties of numbers. One of the areas that has captured the interest of number theoreticians for thousands of years is the question of primality. A prime number is a number that is has no proper factors (it is only evenly divisible by 1 and itself). The first prime numbers are 2,3,5,7 but they quickly become less frequent. One of the interesting questions is how dense they are in various ranges. Adjacent primes are two numbers that are both primes, but there are no other prime numbers between the adjacent primes. For example, 2,3 are the only adjacent primes that are also adjacent numbers.
Your program is given 2 numbers: L and U (1<=L< U<=2,147,483,647), and you are to find the two adjacent primes C1 and C2 (L<=C1< C2<=U) that are closest (i.e. C2-C1 is the minimum). If there are other pairs that are the same distance apart, use the first pair. You are also to find the two adjacent primes D1 and D2 (L<=D1< D2<=U) where D1 and D2 are as distant from each other as possible (again choosing the first pair if there is a tie).


请计算 $C[k]=\sum(a[i]*b[i-k])$ 其中 $k \leq i < n$ ,并且有 $n \leq 10 ^ 5$。 $a,b$ 中的元素均为小于等于 $100$ 的非负整数。




第一行一个整数 $N$ ,接下来 $N$ 行,第 $i+2 \cdots i+N-1$ 行,每行两个数,依次表示$a[i],b[i]$ $(0 \leq i < N)$。


输出 $N$ 行,每行一个整数,第 $i$ 行输出 $C[i-1]$。


给出两个 $n$ 位 $10$ 进制整数 $x$ 和 $y$,你需要计算 $x \times y$。




第一行一个正整数 $n$。 第二行描述一个位数为 $n$ 的正整数 $x$。 第三行描述一个位数为 $n$ 的正整数 $y$。


输出一行,即 $x \times y$ 的结果。

「NOIP2016」组合数问题 - 递推 + 前缀和

组合数表示的是从 $n$ 个物品中选出 $m$ 个物品的方案数。举个例子,从 $(1, 2, 3) $ 三个物品中选择两个物品可以有 $(1, 2)$, $(1, 3)$, $(2, 3)$ 这三种选择方法。
$C_n ^ m = \frac{n!}{m!(n - m)!}$
其中 $n! = 1 \times 2 \times \cdots \times n$。
小葱想知道如果给定 $n$, $m$ 和 $k$,对于所有的 $0 \leq i \leq n$, $0 \leq j \leq \min(i, m)$ 有多少对 $(i, j)$ 满足是 $k$ 的倍数。

「SuperOJ 214」三角形面积



如果知道三角形的三边长a ,b ,c ,我们就可以求出该三角形周长的一半 ,进一步使用公式:
给你三个正实数,如果这三个实数分别作为边长能构成一个三角形,则请你求出这个三角形的面积并输出;如果不能构成三角形,请输出“No.” ,注意引号不能输出。

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